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How Much Will Bill Clinton Make For His Series on Showtime

How Much Will Bill Clinton Make For His Series on Showtime: ‘The President is Missing

Former President Bill Clinton has been very good at one thing since leaving office: making money.   The Clintons made a whopping $250 million since the Bill’s presidency.

Now, Bill Clinton has his sights set on a new money making venture, a TV series deal with Showtime that will likely make him a lot richer.  How much will Bill Clinton make for his series on Showtime? Read on… Continue reading

uss john s. mccain cost

USS John S. McCain Cost: How Much Does The Damaged Tanker Cost, What Will Repair Cost?

Today, there was surprising news that another U.S. ship has collided in the Pacific.  It collided with a Liberian flagged oil tanker ship, which weighs over 50,000 tons.

This is the second U.S. military ship that collided in the last few weeks.  10 people are missing, and 5 are injured so far.

How much does the USS John S. McCain cost?  Read on… Continue reading

Air Jordan

Air Jordan Retail Prices Are Approaching High Fashion Heights

If you’re going to purchase a pair of Gucci or Burberry shoes/sneakers, you expect to pay well over $400. That may not be the same mindset for a pair of Jordans, unless they sold out and you need to pay resale. However, even the retail prices of Air Jordan sneakers are approaching that of the aforementioned high fashion brands.

Air Jordan

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ICBMs Cost

ICBM Cost: How Much Does North Korea’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Cost?

Today, North Korea launched its first real ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) that was capable of reaching Alaska and some of the Western part of the United States. The missile wasn’t necessarily under control, but it did prove that Kim Jong Un and his country are capable of attacking the West already.

How much does North Korea’s ICBM cost? How much to Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles cost in general? How much does North Korea spend on its missile program? Read on… Continue reading

4th of July Fireworks Cost

How Much Do 4th of July Fireworks Cost?

It’s the holiday that everyone celebrates to mark America’s Independence Day, a national holiday and a day with all sorts of traditions. One of these includes finding the perfect spot to view the traditional 4th of July fireworks.

Whether you decide to trek into the city or simply enjoy watching them on TV, the fireworks display on the 4th of July are certainly a spectacle to behold. But just how much do the fireworks set back each town, municipal or city that sets them off? TheSquander will give you the scoop. Continue reading

Paris Climate Agreement Cost

Paris Climate Agreement Cost: How Much Does The Deal Actually Cost Us?

A lot has been made recently out of Pres. Donald Trump’s decision regarding the Paris Climate Agreement. The agreement has been an issue ever since it was first signed, and throughout the campaign Trump railed against it claiming that it costs the United States jobs and money.

But how much does the Paris Climate Agreement actually cost? How many jobs does it put at risk? And how much would it cost to exit the deal? Read on for more. Continue reading

anti missile defense system cost

THAAD Missile Cost — How Much Does The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System Cost

Today, the US is set to launch a major test of an anti missile/missile defense system, which is designed to intercept an Intercontinental ballistic missile, such as one that would be fired by North Korea.

The test is the culmination of decades of work by multiple agencies and companies, and of course, lots of money.

So how much does this anti-missile system test cost? How much does the THAAD missile system program cost? Read on. Continue reading