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how much does the largest nonnuclear bomb cost

How Much Does The ‘Mother of all Bombs’ – The Nonnuclear GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB) Cost?

This afternoon, the United States used a new bomb in Afghanistan, which has been called the largest non-nuclear bomb available. That bomb, which is officially titled the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb — or MOAB — is quite an expensive device. Just how expensive is it? Read on…
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tomahawk missile cost

How Much Do Tomahawk Missiles Cost? US Strikes Syria With Tomahawk Battery

This evening, United States President Donald Trump authorized a Tomahawk missile strike in Syria. According to news reports, approximately 70 Tomahawk missiles were launched at an airbase in Homs, Syria.

How much do Tomahawk missiles cost? How much did the United States spend on missiles in this attack? Read on.
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mar-a-lago cost

How Much Does Staying at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Cost? Room Rates and Membership Fees

With Donald Trump ready to travel down to his swanky Florida club, Mar-a-Lago, many people are wondering how much it would cost them to get a taste of the Mar-a-Lago lifestyle. How much does a room cost? How do you even get a room? And what about that beautiful golf course? Will tell you everything you need to know about how much some pampering at Mar-a-Lago costs. Continue reading


Ever Dreamed of Living in Bedrock? Buy the Flintstones Home for $3.2m

Ever dreamed of living like the Flintstones? Well now you can.

The “Flintstone house” is now available for sale at $3.2 million. The house was built in the 1970s with bumpy and rounded shapes inside and out. The exterior of the house looks like the Flintstones house, while the interior is reminiscent of the works of Gaudi in Spain.

The house required special methods to build. In order to make the rounded shapes, the designer decided to spray concrete over giant balloons. It was only recently, however, that the house was painted the orange and purple colors that it is today.

Originally listed for $4.2 million, the house had to be reduced in price because the lack of interest. The owner hopes to be able to sell it at this price. If you can’t afford the $3.2 million price tag, no worries: you can stay in the house by reserve again on AirBnb and you could also request a private tour.

No word on whether Betty and Barney live next door.

Richest person in history

The Richest Person In History Is…

Who is the richest person in history? Well, it depends on the time period. The richest person in modern history was John D. Rockefeller, with an adjusted net worth of $340 billion. The richest person in ancient history was African emperor Musa I of Mali, with a net worth of over $400 billion.

Richest Person in History — Modern: John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller was an oil magnate whose name you may know from Rockefeller Plaza or Rockefeller Center in New York. Rockefeller, at the height of his wealth, was worth $340 billion in today’s money, which is almost 4 times what Bill Gates, the current richest person, is worth today, and almost 10 times what Mark Zuckerberg is worth.

Rockefeller founded Standard Oil, which has since broken into companies including ExxonMobil and Chevron.

The second richest person in modern history, Andrew Carnegie, was also a wealthy industrialist from Rockefeller’s time period.

Richest Person in History — Ancient: Musa I of Mali

The richest person ever, and the richest person in ancient history, was Musa I of Mali. He was an ancient African emperor who controlled the West African Mali Empire. Musa I, at the height of his wealth, was worth around $400 billion in today’s money — about $60 billion more than Rockefeller.

Musa I’s wealth came from the value of natural resources in the area he controlled, including gold and salt. He conquered a large amount of territory in Africa and the middle east before his death in 1337.

The second most wealthy person from ancient history was William the Conqueror, who was less wealthy than both Rockefeller and Carnegie.

If you go back further, into BC years, there were emperors who owned more territory (and thus, natural resources) than Musa I. However, it can be difficult to quantify the value of their possessions. Probably the wealthiest was Augustus Caesar, who founded the Roman Empire around 10 years BC.


2016-2017 Most Expensive TV Shows Break Records

The 2016-2017 season is going to be a banner year for TV.

Let me rephrase that: the 2016-2017 season had better be a banner year for TV, given how much the shows are costing to make. From new seasons of current shows, to premieres of new shows, this season is breaking records for some of the most expensive TV shows ever made.

Not too long ago, the final seasons of Friends made huge headlines for hitting the $10 million per episode mark, because the stars demanded such high salaries. But now, dozens of HBO, Netflix, Showtime, and Amazon shows that are closing in on that.

So without further ado, here are the most expensive TV shows of 2016, and their cost related to the most expensive shows in history.

#5) Netflix Marco Polo (current) and HBO Rome (2005-2007) – $9 million per episode (tie)

Marco Polo and Rome both cost about $9 million per episode, although with inflation, Rome was slightly more expensive.

Both shows required huge location budgets and expensive large scenes (as well as huge battle scenes for Rome), which explained the high cost.

#4) Game of Thrones (current) – $10 million per episode

Game of Thrones started off cheap — at least in comparison to the other shows on this list, at $6 million per episode. But the latest season cost a whopping $10 million, according to Forbes. Still, in comparison, it was a good value.

It’s obvious what makes this show expensive: the battles — but you may be surprised to know how expensive some of the battles were. The Battle of Blackwater alone cost $8 million. And newer battles have reportedly passed the $10 million mark.

#3) NBC Friends (1994-2004) – $10 million per episode (tie, sort of)

At $10 million per episode toward the end of the series, Friends was the most expensive show of its kind, and the number 3 most expensive show of all time.

The cost came down to salary demands of the cast, who all wanted $1 million-plus for each episode. NBC, desperate to keep one of their highest rated shows in history, met their demands.

Adjusted for cost, in today’s dollars the show would be closer to $13 million.

#2) Netflix Sense8 (current) – $12 million per episode (approx)

There’s no exact number for the budget of this show, but estimates range from $100 million to $200 million total. Given that the show has 12 episodes, we estimated the per-episode cost to be around $12 million.

Sense8 is definitely the most expensive show of the 2016 season, and second most expensive in history (especially when you account for inflation, the following show beats it by a landslide).

Why is it so expensive? The show is shot on-location all over the world, and moving the crew is expensive. Episodes of the show have required thousands of extras, and filming has required helicopters and hundreds of cars. Add to that the cost of special effects and a highly-paid production staff, and the price starts to make sense.

#1) NBC ER (1994-2009) – $13 million per episode

Somewhat surprisingly, nobody has yet officially broken the record that ER set many years ago for most expensive TV show. According to The Baltimore Sun, back in 1998, NBC set the record by spending $13 million per episode for the show. That’s nearly $20 million per episode in today’s dollars.

What did NBC get for all of that? Not much. The cost was mostly due to the salaries of the biggest stars — like George Clooney. NBC was concerned that if it lost ER (this around the time Seinfeld ended), its ratings would collapse.

It needn’t have worried, though, because the ratings collapsed anyway, and Clooney soon left.

Bonus: Amazon The Grand Tour (current) – $6+ million per episode

While it doesn’t make it into the top 5 most expensive TV shows of all time, Amazon’s new The Grand Tour is its most expensive show, and could join the top 5 soon.

The show features Top Gear alums Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, all of whom are getting paid a pretty penny. It also includes the production crew from Top Gear who are also making good money.

But the real expense is filming. Just the opening scene costs $3.2 million because it required 6 jets, 150 cars, 2,000 extras, acrobats, and stilt-walkers. The crew and set are moved all over the world for each episode.

So that’s it, the most expensive TV shows of 2016 really are some of the most expensive shows in history. Will all the money be worth it? Only time will tell.


The Most Expensive Car in 2016 Is Not A Bugatti or Lamborghini

When people think of high-end and pricey vehicles the first names that pop into their minds are Ferrari, Lamborghini and even Bugatti. However, in 2016 there is a new player. The most expensive car in 2016 is not a Bugatti or Lamborghini, it’s a Koenigsegg, the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita to be exact.

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