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Secret Room 6

Every House Needs A Secret Room — Here Are Some Awesome Hidden Spots

More and more homes are coming equipped with secret rooms and passageways. Check out these amazing homemade hideaways.

Think back to original Batman TV series — Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson flip the hidden switch, the bookcase shifts to reveal the Batpoles leading down to the Batcave, and Bruce and Dick slide down to get into their gear and fight crime. Alright, you’re not looking to foil the Joker or Riddler, you just want a quiet place to read a book. Continue reading


Meat slicer in a drawer because meat


Deli meat tastes best after a fresh slice. Imagine being able to slice your own meats, breads and random other household items you wonder “would this go through a meat slicer?”

The Universal Cutter from Poggenohl.

“Food keeps its freshness and flavor far longer if it’s only cut into when needed. And this universal cutter lives up to its name – it cuts everything. Not just bread, fruit and vegetables, but all food products. Poggenpohl’s universal cutter is a genuine all-rounder which can be integrated in the drawer system or attached to a swivel fitting.”

If only all the appliances could be hidden in drawers with the massive amounts of cured meats.

Price: Undetermined

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