This Guy Is Eating The Most Expensive Steak On Earth And It Looks Amazing

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most expensive steak

The most expensive steak on earth comes from Mu Ramen and it looks pretty extraordinary. Nick Solares of Eater had the opportunity to chomp down on the almost majestical piece of meat that will probably break your bank, should you decide to indulge.

The World's Most Expensive Cracker Has Been Through A Lot

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While we're all pretty aware that the craziest things can sell for ridiculous amounts of money, we're never ceased to be amazed by exactly what those crazy things are. This week- the world's most expensive cracker is valued to be worth as much as $18,000.

A Night at the World's Most Expensive Restaurant

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What is a night like at the "world's most expensive restaurant?" One traveler shares.

At the Hard Rock Hotel in one of the world's hottest destination spots- Ibiza, Spain- lies the world's most expensive restaurant: Sublimotion by Panco Roncero.

The Most Expensive Place to Grab a Beer

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most expensive beer

A recent survey from Go Euro that compiles data from 75 countries to pin point the most expensive places to drink beer has officially revealed 2015's winner.

Would You Pay $28,000 For A Cheese Slicer?

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If you said no, you're on the same page as the person who stole it.

Someone with sticky fingers ran off with a $28,000 diamond-encrusted cheese slicer that was on showcase in the Cheese Museum in Amsterdam. It's encrusted with 200 diamonds and was on loan to the museum.