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james t hodgkinson job

James T. Hodgkinson Job, Salary, Business, Facebook: What Did He Do, How Much $$ Did He Have?

James T. Hodgkinson was announced a few minutes ago as the alleged attacker on the Republican party baseball team early this morning. Hodgkinson has produced a large amount of information about his job, career, and salary, as well as his political affiliation.

So what was James T. Hodgkinson job and salary? Read on… Continue reading

tupac shakur net worth 2017

Tupac Shakur Net Worth 2017: Years After Death, He’s Still Making $$$

Tupac Shakur was one of the greatest artists of his time and achieved more in the short span of his career than most singers will accomplish over a lifetime.

Despite that his career was cut short, however, Tupac certainly accumulated quite a bit of wealth and interestingly, even after his death, has continued to earn money as if he’s alive. So what is Tupac Shakur net worth in 2017? The Squander has the scoop for you. Continue reading

jeff sessions net worth

Jeff Sessions Net Worth and Salary 2017: Does He Have Financial Entanglements?

Jeff Sessions, 84th attorney general, has created just as much controversy since his rise to power, as any one else in Donald Trump’s presidential cabinet. But given that he holds a position of high power, just how much wealth has he actually accumulated in his career? Has he had connections to lucrative lobbying positions, hedge funds or private corporations that have earned him a mint?

The Squander will give you the scoop on Jeff Sessions net worth. Continue reading

adam west net worth

Adam West Net Worth 2017: How Much Did He Have At Passing

Adam West, legendary actor best known for his role as “the” Batman, died today. He is sure to be missed by fans everywhere, as well as his family. But another question that comes to mind given his death today, is what was his net worth at his passing?

Did his career truly bring him the wealthy we’d all expect? The Squander has all of the details for you. Continue reading