Adele Net Worth Climbs

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Adele Net Worth

With a monster earning year in 2016, our next net worth subject is exponentially growing her fortune. We're taking a look at the Adele Net Worth to see just how much the superstar has generated since we last featured her.

Adele Net Worth

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In 2015 Adele had a net worth of approximately $75 million. However, she had one of her biggest years in 2016 thanks to her major hit singles and world tour.

Adele's album 25 may have released in late 2015 but she continued to sell copy after copy in 2016. She had a highly publicized tour, which she was very serious about, given her instructions to a fan to stop filming during her performance.

Turning down the Super Bowl for 2017 didn't hurt her at all as her fans stuck with her and continued to support her. It's estimated that Adele earned an incredible $80.5 million.

We're not sure what 2017 has in store for Adele and given the fact that she may not be releasing another album so soon, she could have a lower earning year.

That being said, if she does decide to drop another album, we're expecting her net worth to completely sky rocket.

So, with her 2015 estimated net worth, expenses, assets and her earnings in 2016, we estimate that the Adele Net Worth has risen to approximately $145 million, almost double her previous net worth.