Tavern Island, off the coast of Connecticut, listed for $11 million

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Tavern Island, Connecticut, a 3.5-acre stretch of land off the coast of the state, is on the market.

The main home on the island is a Tudor style 1900 vintage mansion but the property also features a caretaker's cottage and boat house complete with a workshop, game room, bedroom and a bath. The entire residence has six bedrooms and 4.3 baths.

7 most expensive pizza toppings ever sprinkled on a pie

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Food & Drinks

Mmm homemade pizza.

If you make your own pizza, I'll bet you go for the standard, albeit delicious, toppings - cheese, pepperoni, sausage, maybe even some veggies. But if you're in the market to up the homemade pizza game (and looking to drop lots of money), consider decorating your creation with some ultra expensive toppings like 24-carat gold flakes and caviar.