Future Dan Bilzerian: Jay Alvarrez Net Worth

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Jay Alvarrez is just as good at bragging about his sweet life on Instagram as is the proclaimed "King of Instagram" Dan Bilzerian. The kicker? Alvarrez is only 22-years-old. Watch out Bilzerian, this 22-year-old Hawaiian male model insta celebrity is coming for you.

Bankruptcy or Legal Strategy? 50 Cent's Net Worth

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What is the net worth of one of this generation's most well-known and listened to hip-hop artists? Let's just say it's surprisingly low and it has a lot to do with millions of dollars in debt and a million-dollar lawsuit. Check out 50 Cent's net worth.

Cole World: J. Cole's Net Worth

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2014 forest hills drive

J. Cole has solidified himself as major talent in the hip-hop game. He's come a long way in the course of five years and his trajectory is only on the up. Find out how much Cole is worth these days after the successful release of his latest album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

The Most Expensive Place to Grab a Beer

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most expensive beer

A recent survey from Go Euro that compiles data from 75 countries to pin point the most expensive places to drink beer has officially revealed 2015's winner.

Former Disney Star Demi Lovato's Net Worth

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demi lovato's net worth

Demi Lovato was destined to be a star from a young age, starring in Barney & Friends as her first gig alongside on-again off-again pal Selena Gomez. Ever since, Lovato has had a few personal struggles but has managed to remain a pop icon of the times with an impressive net worth to match.

Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump's Net Worth

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presidential election 2016

Donald Trump has been a public figure ever since his rise to success a real estate developer in New York City that has helped him earn the billions he's worth today. As of more recent years, he has attempted to use his status to emerge as a power player in the political sphere, and officially announced his campaign for the 2016 presidential election June 16.

Presidential Hopeful Jeb Bush Net Worth

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2016 presidential election

As Jeb Bush sets to be the next Bush to reside as this country's president, he has released 33 years of tax returns that reveal he's worth his fair share of dead presidents.

Hope Solo Net Worth

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Net Worth

Fiercely talented and beautiful, Hope Solo has also had her fair share of trouble. The goalkeeper for America's soccer team and two-time Olympic gold medalist has recently been in spotlight for more than just her incredible performances on the field.