"90 Day Fiance" Jorge's Net Worth (Jorge and Anfisa Nava)

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How much is Jorge from "90 Day Fiance" worth? He seems super rich, with his cars and the expensive presents he buys his fiance Anfisa. But is he?

Update: June 2017 - We were right that Jorge wasn't telling the truth about how much he was worth.
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"90 Day Fiance" Jorge's Net Worth

It seems that Jorge has spent on many major items. On "90 Day Fiance" he claims to have bought an Audi R8, a $163,000 car that looks like this:


According to Celebrity Cars, that puts him in an elite group including Simon Cowell, Hugh Grant, and Reggie Bush.

He also looks into buying a wedding dress that costs $45,000, and accessories that are $10,000+.

And he says he spent $75,000 on Anfisa so far.

He claims to earn "six-figures" from his medical marijuana business, but this is a broad range, which as a household income could put him anywhere in the range between somewhere in the middle, all the way to the top 1%.

So What is Jorge Worth?

According to Empty Lighthouse Magazine, there are some questions.

  • Until he picked up Anfisa he drove around in a late model Japanese sedan, not a fancy car -- when he did get the R8 it had no license plates.
  • Empty Lighthouse Magazine says: "First, at least to date on the show, he has never spent a large amount of money on Anfisa, and even though he goes to expensive stores, he doesn't end up spending."
  • Empty Lighthouse Magazine estimates that his apartment cost him at most $3000/month.
  • The hotel he stayed at on the show costs at most approximately $200/night. Not exactly the Ritz-Carlton.

None of these things match with his spending $163,000 on a car or $45,000 on a dress.

In the end, they estimate that his real income to be around $100,000. Given that and the spending he has done, we would guess that his total net worth is somewhere around $200,000-$250,000.

Update: While we right about Jorge's income and that he was lying about his net worth, it looks like Jorge was even in worse shape financially than we thought.

According to new information revealed in the last few episodes of the show, Jorge is $30,000 in debt.

Jorge claims that he was doing better before, but that Anfisa's arrival has caused him to slack off and earn less, but that seems very untrue.

In the end, it looks like Jorge was previously earning around $100,000 per year, but that he's not even earning that anymore.

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